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G.R. Bowler, Inc.: A Siemens Energy and Automation Solution Partner
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Choose G.R. Bowler's Fail-Safe Systems to Lower Your Life Cycle Costs - Download PDF

We Maintain Unparalleled Safety: As a Siemens Energy and Automation Advanced Process and Automation Control Systems solution provider, our systems have high levels of redundancy and maximum safety features with comprehensive monitoring and control of all systems.

Our Reliability is Proven: Since 1981, G.R. Bowler has provided marine engine room controls and monitoring systems recognized for trouble-free operation without failure.

Our Expertise is Unmatched: Our engineers understand the unique needs and conditions of marine and industrial plant environments.

Our Equipment is Stress-Tested: G.R. Bowler hardware is internationally recognized. We select our parts and equipment for long-term reliability and the highest standards available for  marine and industrial plant applications.

We Offer Technical Support: Comprehensive, one-on-one technical services are available: from phone support and satellite communication to onsite training and repair services.

We’re a Total Service Supplier: We assess your situation with accurate specifications and provide complete accountability to see your project through.

Our Service is Unparalleled: The G.R. Bowler 24/7 service hotline is always open.  As a total service provider, we take pride in working with you to assess your needs from project specifications to start-up. We help you understand all the possibilities for upgrading your control systems architecture and equipment. We assist you in making all the right choices. 


Why G.R. Bowler?
Why Automate?
Featured Projects
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