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Emerson Micro Motion Marine Fuel Measuring Systems for Ship Bunkering

Get What You're Paying For with Accurate Bunker Measurement

Simply Put: GR Bowler offers Emerson's Micro Motion Coriolis mass flow meters and viscometers to give you the ability to measure bunkers with more accuracy than the bunkering barge or dock can provide.

  • Decrease the cost and waste associated with your fuel supply chain (from on-shore blending and barge loading to ship bunkering and fuel efficiency)
  • Eliminate billing discrepancies and arbitration claims by ensuring accurate receipt of the exact amount of HFO purchased
  • Achieve greater visibility and tighter control into the amount of fuel consumed to optimize fuel efficiency
  • Eliminate downtime due to refueling operation

Contact GR Bowler to ask about the Emerson Micro Motion measurement solution for bunkering.

More About Micro Motion measurement products:
ELITE High Capacity Coriolis Meters
7829 Viscomaster Viscosity Meters

Evaluation Certificate

Coriolis Flowmeter Technology (Microsoft PowerPoint) Presentations:
Coriolis Flow Meter Theory of Operation (1,183 KB)
Bunkering (771 KB)
Marine Fuel Management
(3,367 KB)
Viscosity (391 KB)

More Online:
Micro Motion Website
Micro Motion Marine Solutions
Micro Motion Marine Fuel Measurement White Paper
Micro Motion Marine Brochure



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