SITRANS P DSIII Pressure Transmitters
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G.R. Bowler provides Siemens (formerly Moore Products) SITRANS TM P DSIIII Pressure Transmitters for:

  • gage pressure (spans from 0.15 psi to 5800 psi)
  • absolute pressure (spans from 3.3 H2Oa to 2325 psia), and
  • differential pressure and flow (spans from 0.4 H2Oa to 435 psi)

All SITRANS TM P DSIII Pressure Transmitters are smart two-wire transmitters rated intrinsically safe and explosion-proof by FM, CSA, CENELEC and others.  The output signal is a load-independent direct current of 4 to 20 mA proportional to the input pressure, with HART communications.

Download the brochure (646 KB Adobe Acrobat file) to view specifications and learn more about SITRANS TM P DSIII Pressure Transmitters.  For immediate, personal attention, call G.R. Bowler directly: 1 315-524-8750.


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