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G.R. Bowler, Inc.: Process Automation Systems and Equipment
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G.R. Bowler will find, secure and ship the parts and equipment you need - even the obsolete, cumbersome or hard-to-find parts you are looking for.

For immediate assistance at any port anywhere in the world, contact us: 1 800.524.9570. or use this form to request a quote.

We Service Your Entire Ship From anchors to automation, we can help. We service parts and equipment including but not limited to:

Automation Systems

PLC and DCS Hardware

Pressure Switches

Temperature Measurement Devices




Not sure what you need? Need help writing your RFQ specs? We can help with that too. Don't worry - let us worry for you! Contact us: 1 800.524.9570.

View our FAQ to learn more about how we can help you get the replacement parts and equipment you need for your ship - quickly and efficiently..



Why G.R. Bowler?
Why Automate?
Featured Projects
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