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Manufacturers around the country and the foremost fleets on the Great Lakes trust G.R. Bowler to automate their control systems with Siemens (formerly Moore Products) Advanced Process and Automation Control Systems (APACS) – the world’s first hybrid automation system. APACS+, the next generation of the APACS process control system, stands apart from other process automation systems on the market with:

  • seamless integration
  • reliability
  • proven expertise
  • flexibility
  • open environment
  • scalability; and
  • innovation.

Integrated Safety

APACS+ provides high strength for increased reliability and safety against industrial stresses such as heat, humidity, chemicals, shock, vibration, electrical surge/discharge, and operational errors. Download this brochure (267 KB Adobe Acrobat file) to learn more about the relationship between reliability, safety, and system failure rates and how the APACS+ process automation system protects process controllers against failure.

APACS+ seamlessly integrates with the Siemens QUADLOG safety system.  Both systems are safely isolated yet communicate and share engineering tools and data.  Users enjoy a single operator interface to develop, test, debug, document, and deploy process control and safety strategies.

Download the APACS+ brochure (576 KB Adobe Acrobat file) to learn more about the Siemens APACS+ Process Automation System.  For immediate, personal attention, call G.R. Bowler directly: 1 315-524-8750.


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