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G.R. Bowler is a leader in automated marine control systems. Modernize and retrofit your steam, diesel, or liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered ships with G.R. Bowler automated control system technology.

From the bridge to the engine room, we provide comprehensive, user-friendly marine control and monitoring systems for all of your ship’s machinery and systems, including:

We Are Your Ship's Automation Systems and Equipment Chandler

G.R. Bowler will find, secure and ship the parts and equipment you need - even the obsolete, cumbersome or hard-to-find parts you are looking for. Request a quote or view our FAQ to learn more.

Modernize your Steam Ship System with G.R. Bowler Automated Controls

As the engines of steam or diesel-powered vessels reach the end of their life spans, the trend has been to modernize and refit steam ship systems with new automation technology. Our marine solutions are built in accordance with USCG, ABS, Lloyds, and DNV rules for ACC and ACCU Certification.

Case Study: Judging from the bottom line results of G.R. Bowler's Callaway automation project, many steam engines long thought to be headed toward retirement on the Great Lakes may now be reborn with this technological fountain of youth! Read about G.R. Bowler's Callaway automation project: full article published by the GREAT LAKES SEAWAY REVIEW.

Diesel vs. Steam  

Over the last decade, a major question in the Great Lakes shipping industry has been whether to re-power with diesel engines or to save the existing “old reliable” steam engine by increasing its efficiency.

Up front, diesel appears to be more efficient, but it’s more expensive to maintain. Diesel stack emissions are also more difficult to reduce than those of steam power. A new, more economical answer has been found in modern innovative engine room management of existing steam plants.

Contact us and you’ll see why the foremost fleets on the Great Lakes refer to G.R. Bowler, Inc. for automated marine control systems.

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