Automate your Emissions Compliance Reporting Systems
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G.R. Bowler, Inc.: Automate your Emissions Compliance Reporting Systems
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Automated Emissions Compliance Reporting Systems (AECRS):

Save valuable time and ensure accuracy by automating your emissions compliance reports. Our Automated Emissions Compliance Reporting Systems (AECRS) work with your existing control system or DCS seamlessly. We provide the required data exchange format and data storage to your engineering workstation (any platform PC and operating system). We eliminate the headache and make EPA auditing a pleasant experience thanks to the following AECRS features:

Reporting of emissions, fuel, and other consumables such as ammonia, urea, or limestone, etc. based on your system configuration and instrumentation availability;

  • Standard daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual data reporting;
  • Continuous or intermittent data representation;
  • Statistical and engineering data evaluation tools;
  • graphic data representation;
  • Automatic compliance report printing and electronic data archiving;
  • Internet or Intranet based administration interface with secure
  • multi-level access; and
  • Adequacy to the current EPA standards and state regulations guaranteed.

Why G.R. Bowler?
Why Automate?
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