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Cason J. Callaway

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STEAM PLANT AUTOMATION WITH BRIDGE CONTROL ON SELF-UNLOADING BULK CARRIER CASON J. CALLAWAY: Presented to the Spring meeting of the Great Lakes/ Great Rivers Section of SNAME May 17, 2002. Download the Microsoft Power Point presentation (35 MB download may require 3-5 min.)

Read more about G.R. Bowler's Callaway automation project in The GREAT LAKES SEAWAY REVIEW. In the first application of its kind in the Great Lakes, the USS/Great Lakes Fleetís self-unloader, Cason J. Callaway, retrofits a steam propulsion plant unit with an ACC qualified automated control system.

G.R. Bowler's Scope of supply:

  • Automated steam propulsion and auxiliary machinery
  • Engine room, bridge, and ballast control systems
  • Siemens Moore Process Automation, Advanced Process Automation and Control System (APACS)
  • Control, monitoring, alarm, trending and logging functions
  • Accordance with USCG and American Bureau of Shipping rules for ACC type certification
  • ABS type-approved and tested hardware; and redundancy in systems architecture

Benefits of G.R. Bowler automation architecture:

  • All propeller commands are controlled directly from the bridge.
  • Engine room watch requires only one worker.
  • Capital investment cost is lower compared to diesel re-powering.
  • Maintenance cost of the steam turbine is lower compared to diesel.
  •   NOx stack emissions of steam power are lower compared to diesel.
  • Fuel consumption is reduced by 100-120 gph at lake speed.

System Update: April 2001: The system has been operating flawlessly, without downtime, and has successfully reduced both fuel and manpower costs.


Why G.R. Bowler?
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